Hair Loss FAQ’s

Hair Loss FAQ's At Rituals Hair Lab In Lincolnshire

Below you will find the answers to commonly asked questions regarding hair loss, hair thinning and scalp disorders. At our hair loss clinic in Scotter, near Scunthorpe, we can help to resolve a number of hair loss or hair thinning problems that you may experience. 

Hair loss treatments are needed by men, women and children, at Rituals Hair Lab in Lincolnshire, our hair loss experts can help decide on the best treatment and plan for your hair loss. Do not suffer alone, call our hair loss team on 01724 764418 to book your consultation with one of our hair loss specialists today.  

On average we lose 100 hairs a day. To maintain a normal volume, hair must be replaced at the same rate that it is lost.  Noticing more hairs on your hairbrush after brushing or in the basin after shampooing are early indicators of hair thinning. A wider parting or thinning crown are also early signs of hair loss. 
We offer a wide range of hair loss and hair thinning treatments at Rituals Hair Spa in Lincolnshire. From wigs & toupees, hair extensions, a variety of scalp treatments and the CRL Hair Replacement System, we can find the best solution for you. Book your consultation now with our hair loss and hair thinning experts. 
Ferritin deficiency and anaemia are the most common cause of hair loss in women. 
Reversing your hair loss could be possible although it is entirely based on the cause of the loss and can vary from person to person. Book in for your consultation with our hair loss and hair thinning specialists at Rituals Hair Lab to find the best hair thinning and hair loss treatment for you. 
Male pattern baldness, receding hairlines, cancer, alopecia, traction alopecia and medication are all instances of balding, hair thinning and hair loss in men. The understanding of how male baldness can affect self-esteem and confidence is becoming more well known, at Rituals Hair Lab we can provide solutions for hair loss in men in a confidential and relaxed setting. 
Female pattern baldness can be caused by ageing, pregnancy, hereditary factors or medications. Alopecia, traction alopecia, cancer and trichotillomania are also causes of extreme shedding and hair loss in women. Rituals Hair Lab in Lincolnshire offer a variety of solutions for female hair loss, and we also understand the delicacy of treating hair loss and hair thinning so provide private spaces for consultations and treatments. 
Permanent and temporary hair loss can occur in children. We understand the difficult emotions that can be felt by both parent and child and can discuss treatment options in a comfortable and private setting. 
Side effects of some medicines can cause your hair to thin or fall out. Please consult your GP if you are experiencing any side effects from your medication.  Book your consultation with our experts in hair loss and hair thinning at Rituals Hair Lab where we can support you with your hair loss concerns. 
At your hair loss consultation our experts will ask you in depth questions about your hair, lifestyle, diet, family history, stress levels, medication and other factors which you may feel could be a cause.  We will then discuss the treatments options which will be suitable for you and book the appointments for that course of treatment. Review appointments may be needed so we can make sure the treatment is working for you on an on-going basis.  Pictures will be taken of your hair so that we can keep a record of the progress. You can book your consultation now at Rituals Hair Lab by calling 01724 764418 or using the form on the page. 
Your hair loss consultation will cost £30 unless you have an NHS voucher.

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Our hair loss and hair thinning experts can help suggest a treatment plan for your hair loss. Call now on 01724 764418 to book your appointment or fill in the form below.