Covid-19 and Hair Loss

Rituals Hair Lab in Scotter, Near Gainsborough, Offers Treatments For Coronavirus Hair Loss

We all know that Covid-19 is an aggressive virus that can damage our bodies and leave long lasting health issues for many. It is now emerging that some Covid-19 sufferers have experienced hair loss after contracting the virus.

If you have noticed any thinning or hair loss following Coronavirus, help is available at Rituals Hair Lab, leading hair loss clinic in Lincolnshire.

Can Covid-19 Cause Hair Loss?

Whilst there are currently no definitive studies that prove a correlation with hair loss and Covid-19, there are a large number of Covid-19 patients that have reported hair loss following contracting the virus. The International Association of Trichologists has reported two different types of hair loss that could be attributed to the virus: telogen effluvium and alopecia areata. Scientists are still working to fully understand the way that Covid-19 attacks the body, but it’s clear that the virus prompts a strong response from the immune system. 

As the immune system fights the virus, the body’s resources are diverted, with protecting the vital organs a priority. As hair is not vital to the body’s functioning, it is one of the first things to be impacted when you become unwell. The hair growth cycle is disrupted and can sometimes stop altogether, which can result in sudden hair fall. In the worst cases this can be similar to that experienced by cancer patients following chemotherapy. 

Covid-19 and Hair Loss








Stress Related Hair Loss

The global pandemic has not only posed risks to our physical health. The stresses of lockdowns, economic uncertainty and in some cases losing loved ones has put us all under severe psychological strain. Fear, panic and worry are all factors which can contribute to increased hair shedding. Speak to your GP if you feel that your mental health is suffering. 

Please read our Covid-19 & Hair Loss blog where we offer suggestions to support you. 

Expert Hair Loss Diagnosis and Treatment at our Lincolnshire Clinic

At Rituals Hair Lab, we offer a wide variety of treatments for hair loss conditions. Book an appointment at our clinic in Scotter, Near Gainsborough, and we will assess your scalp condition and examine your hair follicles. We may recommend that you have an appointment with our clinic Dietitian, Gurpreet Mann  MSc RD. Gurpreet offers tailored nutritional advice and can create a bespoke plan to help you support your recovery from the inside. 

There is no magic way to recover quickly, however we are here to support you to rebuild your health, which in time will allow your hair to recover. 

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