The Wig Wardrobe – About Us

The Wig Wardrobe, Online Supplier of Luxury Wigs and Hair Pieces

At The Wig Wardrobe, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, stylish wigs that make you feel truly wonderful.

We are on a mission to bring expertise, ease and warmth to your wig-buying experience to leave you feeling inspired, empowered and fabulous.

We know how emotional and daunting it can feel to suddenly be thrust into a new world of wigs. Choosing the right wig can help restore a sense of self-identity. We are passionate about our goal to bring empowerment back into the wig-buying experience. 

We are committed to working with purpose-driven brands to provide the best quality and choice of wigs for customers. 

Regardless of your reason for wearing a wig, The Wig Wardrobe is a place we created for you to feel your best. Here, we celebrate everything wigs stand for: style, expression and confidence – to name a few! It is a company built on knowledge and trust with an uplifting spirit and warmth at its heart.

We believe that everyone can – and deserves to – feel beautiful and are excited to grow a community of empowered, inspired and confident wig-wearers.

If you've found a wig that is available from our suppliers, but we don't currently have it in our shop, please email us on and we can order it for you!

The Wig Wardrobe, Online Supplier of Luxury Wigs and Hair Pieces, About Us