Wigs & Hair Toppers

Wigs & Hair Toppers At Rituals Hair Spa In Scotter, Lincolnshire

We offer a wide range of ladies' wigs and hair toppers at our hair salon in Lincolnshire.  Our wigs have been hand-picked to give you a variety of looks from modern and classic hairstyles for women of all ages.  They have also been designed for optimum comfort and will be securely fitted, cut and styled in our salon to ensure you look and feel your very best. 

If you prefer a more permanent hair loss solution, you might want to consider our fantastic hair replacement system which offers a non-surgical solution to hair loss - giving men and women a full head of hair that looks and feels completely natural.  Using precision 3D printing technology, we are able to create a 'second scalp' containing beautiful, natural human hair.  The system is undetectable, fits perfectly, and is made from medical-grade, breathable material.  Find out more about the CRL Hair Replacement System in Lincolnshire here.

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Ellen Wille Wigs

Ellen Wille produce a broad range of ladies' wigs in a wide variety of styles in both human and synthetic hair.  There is a great choice of hairstyles available  in a wide range of hair colours. The collections include:

The Perucci Collection with its next generation of edgy styles
The Hair Society Collection of untamed luxury
The HairPower Collection of high-class styles
The Raquel Welch Collection of stunning, natural-looking styles

Founded by designer Ellen Wille in Germany in the late '60s, Ellen Wille wigs are hand-tied and feature an invisible lace front to give you a natural-looking hairline. 

Sentoo Lotus Wigs

The Lotus Collection from Sentoo is a range of lightweight synthetic wigs designed for maximum comfort. The collection includes a wide range of styles including short hairstyles and bob cuts through to long, flowing hairstyles. The collection is also available in twelve stunning natural colours.

Thanks to the lace front, all of the wigs have beautiful, natural-looking hairlines to give you absolute confidence in your hair. The materials used are breathable and lightweight; perfect for those looking for a comfortable wig that won’t irritate the scalp. The monofilament top enhances the natural look of these wigs, giving the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp. 

The Lotus collection has been designed for all ages and looks and is available in a range of cap sizes and styles. These wigs offer superior comfort and fit for every wearer; securely fitting to the head without irritating sensitive scalps.  They emulate natural hair and uses invisible hairlines to create a more realistic look. The collection includes: 

Sentoo Premium Plus Wigs - Made in Japan, hand-tied with an invisible lace front, monofilament base and soft velvety feel. 
Sentoo Premium Wigs by International Hair Goods - Created by European designers and beautifully layered to create a soft feminine look. 

Noriko Wigs 

The Noriko ladies’ wig collection from René of Paris features dazzling styles in vibrant colours and natural tones. These high-quality synthetics wigs offer sophisticated yet classic styles which use skilful layering. They give the look of human hair but at a more affordable price which makes them a fantastic choice for those who anticipate needing a variety of wigs for the long term. 

These ready-to-wear wigs require little maintenance and are designed for durability, comfort and everyday use. They are lightweight and provide maximum comfort which makes them suitable for those with a sensitive scalp. They feature soft easy-to-secure caps which makes them suitable for active lifestyles.