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Hair Pieces & Volumisers At Rituals Hair Lab Near Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

For the voluminous hair you’ve always dreamed of, visit the hair loss experts at Rituals Hair Lab in Lincolnshire. At our hair loss clinic, we offer hair pieces and volumisers tailored to your needs from moderate to severe hair loss. Achieve the hair volume you desire with a treatment that’s suited to you.

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Hair Loss At The Crown

For those of you that are experiencing hair loss towards the top of your head, but have decided that wigs aren’t for you, we have an alternative solution. Hair volumisers are a type of semi-permanent hair pieces which boost the appearance of your hair. They can help transform your hair to create volume, add texture or enhance the colour of your hair.

Our hair volumisers are made with human hair so that they blend in and feel like your real hair. The application doesn’t require glue, tape or adhesives and instead is hand tied with a flexible, soft silicone base for comfortable, daily, long-term wear.

Book a consultation at our hair loss clinic near Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire so that we can show you our range of hair volumisers and find the perfect hair piece for you.

Extra Volume For Thin Hair

If you’re looking for some extra volume or length to be added to your hair, then our hair piece enhancers could be the right fit for you. They create an instant full look, transforming your hair without beads, clips or having to shave your natural hair. Our hair volume enhancers are discreet and comfortable, and can be placed at the front of your head to form a new hairline, or behind your existing hairline. We have a range of hair colour options to choose from so we’re sure to find a hair piece enhancer to match your hair colour.

The Best Salon For Fitting Hair Pieces

At Rituals Hair Lab, we are the hair loss experts in Lincolnshire and our staff are highly-trained in the expertise of fitting hair pieces. Feel confident with a professionally installed hair piece, as we will ensure it looks perfect on you, sitting comfortably on your head & fitted correctly to last for a long time.

Book A Hair Piece Appointment At Rituals Hair Lab In Lincolnshire

No matter if your completely set on getting a hair piece, or you’re still unsure, make sure to book in for a consultation at Rituals Hair Lab near Grimsby in Lincolnshire so that we can show you our range and explain the process. Take a step towards transforming your hair today by calling us on 01724 764418.