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Hair trends are getting bolder than ever, with new and exciting colours coming out each season. Rose gold and silver grey hair shades are two of the latest top trending hair colours that are everywhere on the internet. 

If you have previously coloured your hair yourself and it hasn’t worked, visit us at our Rituals hair and beauty salon in Scotter, near Gainsborough for a hair colour consultation. We use Aveda Full Spectrum range of permanent hair colours that are up to 96% naturally derived, to give you a truly personalised hair colour.

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How to Get Colour Rose Gold or Silver Grey Hair Colours      

Step 1: Bleach Your Hair Blonde

Blonde hair often acts as a canvas or a base for various currently trending hair colours. Bleaching your hair platinum blonde may be necessary to obtain both the rose gold and silver grey hair colours

Prior to bleaching, we recommend an Aveda Hair Repair Treatment or an Aveda Hair Moisture treatment to repair and protect your hair, leaving your strands strong, supple and healthy looking.

Step 2: Add a Toner

Once your hair colour is sufficiently lightened, we will then proceed with adding the toners. 

Toners help to eliminate unwanted brassy undertones and help maintain your desired hair colour. Adding purple toner on bleached hair with a yellow undertone results in a white-silver hue

Step 3: Dye Your Hair Rose Gold or Silver Grey

We have a wonderful selection of Aveda Full Spectrum range of permanent and semi-permanent hair colours. Your hair colour technicians will help you choose the right shade of rose gold or grey that will suit your complexion and face shape

After sitting for about 30 minutes or so, the dye will be washed out with a colour safe shampoo.

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