Frizz-Free Summer Hair

Frizz-Busting Hair Solutions at Rituals Hair Salon in Scotter

The arrival of the summer sun always lifts the spirits but there is not denying that those long lazy, hazy afternoons can also leave our hair in a frizzy mess. 

The solution? A fabulous, frizz-busting treatment or hairstyle to tame those locks!  The team at Rituals Hair Salon in Scotter highly recommend Aveda’s Botanical Therapy Treatments which use breakthrough plant micro technology to penetrate your hair strands for intense moisture or repair.

When it comes to frizz-fighting hairstyles, check out our top five ways to wear your hair this summer…

A Simple But Stylish Upstyle

Stylish upstyles, Scotter hair & beauty salon, Rituals Hair SalonChannel your inner Brigitte Bardot this season with an effortless, finger-raked updo.

To get the look, wrap random sections around a big curling iron. Be sure to alternate directions with your curls for a modern look.  Do some gentle teasing at the crown for height, then grab a chunk of hair on each side. Pull the pieces back, and gently push upward before you pin it hair into place.

Top tip:  Your upstyle will remain in place more firmly if you wash it the day before rather than on the day itself.

The Plush Ponytail

frizz free hair ideas at Scotter hair & beauty salon, Rituals Hair SalonAdd a spritz of texturising spray to your roots, blow dry, then tease the crown slightly once dried – it’s all about keeping volume in the crown when creating that classic, voluminous ponytail. Smooth the top using either a bristle brush or comb to create a rounder shape.

A quick spritz of hairspray will keep the style in place once you’re happy with the final look.   

Top tip:  Blow dry your hair upside down to give your hair that extra va-va-voom!


The Messy Top Knot

hair upstyles, Scotter hair & beauty salon, Rituals Hair SalonCool, undone and easy – the top knot moves into the limelight again this summer.  To create the look, toss your hair back and tie it up really high – quite loose and some distance from the scalp.

Top tip: Work in volumising powder and then boost up the top hair with your fingers. No need to be too exact while tying, by the way – it’s all about the messy look.  

Best of all? The top-knot visually lengthens the neck which makes you appear taller and slimmer!


Boxer Braids

Braided hairstyles at Scotter hair & beauty salon, Rituals Hair SalonWe’ve seen this ultra-cool look on the Kardashian clan – and it’s the perfect style to battle summer frizz. Braid your locks as tight as you dare, then finish with hairspray to keep the style in place.

Top tip:  Plaits and braids are one of the hottest looks around for summer 2016 so if you don’t fancy this look, why not try a chunky single braid, either worn high on your crown, as a low side plait or cascading down your back!



The Embellished Up-Do

embellished occasion hair for weddings and proms, Scotter hair & beauty salon, Rituals Hair SalonWhy not add a dash of romance to your hair style this summer, and embellish with some chic accessories?

Top tip: The addition of some strategically placed ornate clips, flowers or even a tiara can cover a multitude of sins. It’s a spontaneous, imperfect way of adding some glamour to your hair.

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