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This is a common misconception but be assured that wigs do not increase hair loss. It is still important to protect your hair underneath your wig by ensuring your wig is a comfortable fit for you and that you follow the wig’s care instructions.

It’s a great idea to own more than one wig for several reasons. Firstly, rotating wigs protects them from being exposed to daily elements therefore increasing their lifespan. Secondly, the convenience of having several wigs means you can keep them styled how you like – cutting down on time spent straightening and curling!

Sleeping in your wig can decrease the wig’s lifespan and is generally not recommended. As you sleep, the friction caused by movement on your pillow can create frizz and a matted appearance, which brings styling difficulties the next day! We would recommend a sleeping cap for comfort and warmth during sleep.

Unfortunately, wigs are best kept out of swimming pools as the water contains harsh chemicals which easily damage the wig, alter the colour and cause untameable tangles!

Finding your ideal wig can seem daunting – there’s just so much choice, it’s hard to know where to start! But here are a few pointers to consider.

It can be helpful to discover which face shape you have when finding a wig style that suits you. This can help determine which length and style might complement you most. Secondly, think about which colours suit your skin tone: are you suited to warmer or cooler tones?

But most of all, remember you don’t have to stick to any rules! Just have fun and experiment with different colours, styles and lengths!

It is so tempting to want to make a few tweaks to the cut of your wig, or add in a fringe! Despite the temptation, it is always advisable to go to a hair salon to avoid making any hair-cutting blunders to your wonderful wig!

Synthetic wigs are extremely difficult to dye because the materials used to make the hair fibers are ineffective at taking in the hair dye colour. To prevent ruining your synthetic wig, we would advise to simply buy a new wig in your desired colour.

Human wigs can be dyed a darker colour, however, we do not recommend lightening or bleaching your wig as this can damage the fragile strands.

We do not recommend using regular hair products on your synthetic or human hair wigs. Both types of wig are more delicate and fragile due to the way the strands are chemically prepared. Regular hair care products contain harsh chemicals that can damage your wig, causing it to become dry, frizzy and knotted. To increase the lifespan of your wigs, we highly recommend investing in gentler shampoos and conditioners specifically made for wigs. We hope to offer these via The Wig Wardrobe website shortly.

There are a few great storage options to help maintain wig quality:

* A wig stand – helps maintain your wig’s natural shape and style.
* A wig hanger – these don’t take up much space and can be kept in your wardrobe.
* Satin bag – the soft material ensures your wig stays frizz-free.
* Shoe rack – a convenient way to store multiple wigs in your wardrobe.
* A wig box or shoebox – use a suitably sized box and line with a soft material to protect your delicate wig.

A popular option is buying a wig-stand or any box that is large enough to store your wig comfortable can be ideal and protects your wig from damage.

Several tools can help you feel confident that your wig will stay in place. Which one you use is completely your own personal preference.

* A wig cap

Wig caps are usually made of nylon or cotton and help prevent your wig from moving and slipping. Additionally, they can help to protect your scalp as they are soft and comfortable.

* Wig tape

This double-sided sticky tape can be placed along your hairline and secures your wig once placed on top. When you are happy with the position of your wig, press it into the wig tape strips to fully secure.

* Wig grip band

Wig grips bands are headbands, usually made from velvet material, that have excellent grip to hold your wig in place. The soft bands are adjustable for secure fastening and are helpful in preventing headaches that some wig wearers experience.

* Silicone sheets

These are non-slip sheets which can be cut to size and sewn into your wig in three main areas: the nape, hairline and behind the ears. This is a slightly more fiddly option, especially if you aren’t a great sewer! However, they are long-lasting and once they are sewn in, the hard work is done!

* Bobby pins or metal wig clips

If you have lots of natural hair, these options are easy and quick.

Bobby pins can easily be slid through your hair and the weave of the wig to keep it in place comfortably.

Metal wig clips are wider grips that attach to your wig easily. You can apply as many clips as you like and they can be sewn in for ease of use in the future.

* Adhesive

Wig adhesives are strong, long-lasting glues which can even be sweat-proof, giving you confidence that your wig will remain in place during exercise – or even relaxing in a sauna! Some adhesives can last for over a week which is an appealing option for busy people!

Whether you have a synthetic or human hair wig, careful washing is vital to protect the delicate hair fibres.

* Firstly, gently detangle your wig using a wig comb or simply use your fingers if you have a curly wig.

* Turn your wig inside-out and place it into a bowl of cool water with a small amount of wig shampoo. Leave to soak for around 5 minutes then carefully twirl it around in the water.

* Next, rinse your wig with cool water until the water runs clear and no product is left.

* Refill a bowl with cool water and add a small amount of wig conditioner. Place your wig in the water, gently swirling it around to ensure all the hair is coated. Leave to soak for at least 5 minutes, or as per the conditioner’s instructions.

* Remove your wig and rinse thoroughly with cool water to remove the product.

* Place your wig on a towel and towel dry your wig by gently patting out all the excess water, remembering not to rub harshly as this will damage the strands.

* Finally, leave your wig to air-dry, preferably on a wig-stand to maintain its shape.

Generally, synthetic wigs are best washed once a week, whilst human hair wigs can be washed every 7-14 days.

Wigs come in a range of different sizes and it’s important to take accurate head measurements to ensure you’re buying the correct size for you. A wig should feel as secure and comfortable as possible and getting the correct measurements can help to achieve this.

How to measure my head’s circumference?

Before you begin, grab a flexible measuring tape to make the process easier.

Firstly, push back the hair so there’s no added length or volume. Place the tape measure in the middle of your natural hairline, facing either way and begin running the tape all the way behind the ear right down to the nape of your neck and then back around to the starting point, again, going behind the ear.

Take the measurement twice to ensure you get the same results both times.

The average circumference cap size is between 54cm – 57cm. Anything over 57cm is considered a large size and anything under 54cm is a petite size.

And don’t worry if your head circumference measures in between the average sizes, at the back of each wig there are adjustment tabs to ensure a perfect fit.

Before wearing your wig, do any prep-work if needed, such as putting on a wig-cap or attaching your choice of wig grips,

Once you are ready, start by putting your wig on from the front of your head and finish at the nape of the neck. Look in the mirror to adjust the positioning and once you are happy, you may wish to secure it in place using your preferred method. This can include adjusting the wig strap, using wig grips or tape, or pressing your wig down onto previously applied adhesive glue.

A good-fitting, comfortable wig along with a regular wig-washing routine will ensure your scalp stays healthy and soothed. In addition, you may wish to use gentle and calming skin products on your scalp for extra comfort.

To place an order, select the wig you would like then choose the colour you’d like to purchase. Click ‘add to basket’ and your order will appear in the checkout section. To complete the order, click on the basket icon and enter your delivery and payment information.

This comes down to personal preference. Some find it makes their wig feel more comfortable and protects their scalp more, whereas others find their wig is comfortable without needing to add a liner.

Currently, we do not sell hair accessories but this is something we are looking forward to introducing in the future.

There are wonderful benefits to both types of wigs. The look and feel of a human hair wig allow for flowing movement and a natural appearance. They are also more durable, lasting between one to three years.

Synthetic wig technology has truly advanced over the years. The fibers are high quality with a more natural looking denier than ever before. Their low-maintenance and increased resilience to styling tool damage makes synthetic wigs a wonderful option.

No matter which type you choose, all our wigs are high quality, stylish and comfortable.

Yes! Comfort is one of our top priorities at The Wig Wardrobe and we pride ourselves on offering high quality, stylish and comfortable wigs that feel wonderful to wear. We sell a wide range of wigs, including hand-tied styles which are made using a soft, lightweight, stretchy cap for excellent comfort.

Synthetic wigs generally have a life of four to six months unless a longer period is stated by the manufacturer. Advances in wig technology hope to create even longer lasting wigs in the future.

At The Wig Wardrobe, we sell both synthetic and human hair wigs that are stylish, comfortable and high quality.

We want our customers to be satisfied with each purchase, however, we understand that occasionally you may wish to return or refund your item.

To see our complete Returns and Exchange Policy located within our Terms and Conditions, please click here.

In the unlikely event you receive a missing or damaged order, please contact us immediately by email and we will endeavour to resolve the problem for you as soon as possible.

We are an online wig retailer. However, we also have our sister company, Rituals Hair Lab, situated in Lincolnshire. At the salon, we offer face-to-face appointments.

If you need to make changes to your order, you may be able to do so provided that your item has not yet been dispatched. To amend your order, please email us at

We aim to deliver your item(s) within seven to ten days from purchase. However, please note that the current combination of Brexit and COVID-19 has led to some delays at customs borders, which can take up to four weeks. We will contact you using the provided email address with an expected delivery date.

UK orders are delivered free of charge.

We offer PayPal and debit and credit card (through PayPal) options for the purchase of your The Wig Wardrobe wig, hair piece or hair topper.