Wearing Your Wig with Confidence

2573 Hayden Dark Chocolate4No matter what the reason is for choosing to wear a wig, confidence can take a tumble. Maybe you’re brand new to wig-wearing, or perhaps you’ve been rocking them for years. Either way, we can sometimes feel like everyone around us can tell we’re wearing a wig.

Naturally, our self-awareness can become heightened, especially in the early days of wig-wearing when it is so new to us. We constantly run questions through our mind:

What if it falls off on a slightly blustery day?

What if it looks fake?

What if it prevents my natural hair returning?

These are all normal things to ask yourself. It’s completely expected that you might feel anxious stepping out of your house for the first time sporting your new wig. It takes a hot minute to get used to it!

Whether you are experiencing alopecia, post-viral hair loss, or the effects of chemotherapy, you deserve to step out with confidence, assurance and, most of all, a smile on your face.

Here are some confidence boosting tips to help you rock your look and feel your best!

Acknowledge Your Emotions

Hair loss can make us feel a range of emotions – anxiety, sadness, frustration. We attach so much of our identity to our hair and losing it can feel like we have lost a part of ourselves. Know that it is completely ok to feel like this. But equally, remind yourself that you are a brilliant, dazzling, gem of a human being who deserves to feel your best. Recognising that your wig can actually help guide you back towards a more confident you can help you embrace your wig and love it a little more.

Test Out Your Wig at Home First

Increasing your comfort level can begin at home. Start by practising some of the things you expect to do when you go out to alleviate any fears that your wig will fall off. Actions such as turning your head quickly, taking off a coat or running for the (imaginary!) bus can help you have confidence that your wig is doing what it is supposed to- staying secure, comfortable and making you look fab no matter what!

Start Local

Wearing your wig in public for the first time can sometimes feel like a daunting prospect. Start by stepping out for a walk in your local area for a few minutes just to get used to being outside the comfort of your own home. You’ll soon realise no-one is staring at you and no-one can guess you’re wearing a wig because…yes…it looks so darn natural! The less worry you have about stepping out, the more comfortable and confident you’ll feel to go anywhere in your wig and show it off to the world!

Show Your Wig Off To Your Friends!

Your wig is new to you and is also new to your friends. Understandably, you might feel a bit anxious about them seeing you in your wig for the first time. What if they think it doesn’t suit me? What if they feel a bit funny about wigs?

A good place to start is inviting them round and explaining that you have something to share with them. Show them your wig and let them know that perhaps you need some extra love and support at the moment as you start to wear it every day. Then, depending on your comfort level, you can even let them touch it or try it on themselves. They may have never even held a wig before so it can be a fun learning experience for them. And let’s be real – they’ll be excited to give it a try-on too and see what they look like with a brand new style!

Reach Out To Wig-Support Groups

Feeling part of a community of other wig-wearers can alleviate any sense of loneliness that you may be feeling. Online forums or face-to-face meet-up groups can boost your confidence by changing the way you think about your hair loss experience. You are truly never alone. There are people out there who are more experienced wig-wearers who once stood in your shoes. They can guide you, support you and offer helpful tips to enhance your self-esteem.

Prepare Your Responses To Questions

Anyone in your close-circle of friends may already know about your hair loss journey. But you may be feeling apprehensive about bumping into other friends who aren’t aware of what you’re experiencing. When they notice your new look, they may spurt out the blunt question of ‘Are you wearing a wig?’

For a whole host of reasons, you may feel flustered at this question, especially if you are only just beginning to build up your confidence level. By preparing a few responses to questions like these, you can deliver your responses with ease and poise.

Douse Yourself With Compliments

This can feel a little strange at first – sometimes we just aren’t used to positive self-talk. However, it’s scientifically proven that even if you fake it, your brain still believes it. Of course, the aim is to truly believe all the compliments you give to yourself, but if it feels awkward, start slow. Every time you catch yourself in the mirror, compliment yourself. If you’re proud of something you’ve achieved today, however small, compliment yourself. You are wonderful and you are worth it. (Now go and say that again in the mirror!)

Find Some Wigspirations!

Finally -and just for a little fun- remind yourself that there are some wig-loving celebrities who ooze confidence in their wigs. You can use them as a bit of wigspiration when needed! They include Gwen Stefani, Salma Hayek, Rihanna, and of course… Cher! So if you are in need of a little confidence boost, remember that there are so many people out there who are wig advocates!

Hopefully, these tips can help you go from a wig-worrier to a wig-warrior! Embracing your wig is a freeing experience and once you feel confident in it, there will be no stopping you!