New To Wig Wearing ? 5 Top Tips for Finding the Right Wig

Here are 5 top tips to finding a sensational style to rock your wig wardrobe!

With a plethora of wig types, styles and colours, it can seem an overwhelming task to choose the perfect one for you. How do I know which wig to choose? Will it suit me? Will it make me feel my best? These are all valid questions that run around our head before pressing the ‘Buy Now’ button. 

The right wig will help you ooze confidence and feel out-of-this-world fantastic. No, choosing one isn’t an easy task…until you read our 5 essential tips below that will help clear the confusion and boost your buying prowess!

1.Consider Your Face Shape

Knowing your face shape means you can whittle down your wig choices to the ones that will complement your features perfectly. By matching a style to your face shape, you can feel confident the hair will fall in the right ways and look natural. 

Here is a brief overview of suitable styles for each face shape:

Round: The aim is to create a narrower look. Avoid anything with a fringe and focus on longer layers or short cuts without too much side volume.  

Oval: The most versatile of face shapes, you suit any style out there! You can mix it up with a full fringe, side swept fringe or swept back into a slick ponytail. 

Diamond: Creating the illusion of a shorter face length, focus on chin length cuts but avoid heavy fringes. 

Square: Medium to long lengths with layers will flatter your face shape most. Blunt bobs are best avoided. 

Heart: So many choices here! Side swept fringes, long layers, jaw-level bobs and wavy mid-length looks are you go-to picks! Just steer clear of heavy duty fringes. 

Oblong: Fringes are your friend! As are wavy styles that have ounces of volume. Very short cuts are less complementary for this face shape. 

Pear: This shape face is all about the bob – wavy or straight with lots of texture! Avoid flat pixie cuts and styles that finish at the jaw.  

Any style that frames your face and highlights your features is sure to be a knockout.

However, this is just a guide and it really is only ever about what YOU feel best in! 


2. Synthetic Or Human Hair

Pasted Graphic 9The main decision to make before purchasing your wig is choosing between synthetic and human hair. Consider the pros and cons of each, taking into account which will fit into your lifestyle most easily.

Human Hair Pros: Has natural movement, is long-lasting, and both its style and colour can be adapted.

Human Hair Cons: Watch your wallet – they can be quite pricey! As it is natural hair, humid and wet conditions create frizz and they generally need more frequent styling.

Synthetic Hair Pros: Maintains its shape so less time is spent on styling, isn’t affected by humid conditions and is very similar to human hair in terms of look and feel (when purchasing from a high-quality retailer).

Synthetic Hair Cons: They have a shorter lifespan – around 6 months – and, if not heat-resistant, hot styling tools cannot be used on them. Taming the shine can also be an issue.

Consider which type would most benefit your lifestyle and how much time you want to spend dedicated to styling.

3. Wig Colour

Pasted Graphic 1 3If you are new to wig wearing, you may feel more comfortable going for a colour that is similar to your natural or most recent hair colour. If you want to consider your wider options, knowing your skin’s undertone is a big help in finding the ideal colour match.

To determine your skin undertone, look at the colour of your veins on your wrist. Blue or purple veins mean you have cool undertones whereas green signifies warm undertones.

For cool undertones, try ash blondes or ash brunettes and avoid red or gold highlights.

If you have warm tones, golden blondes, red or dark browns will really complement your skin.




4. Wig Construction

Pasted Graphic 2How The Wig Is Made
There are 3 popular ways a wig can be made which can affect how you feel in it. 

Monofilament Wigs: The most popular type, these are made to ensure a truly realistic and natural look around the scalp and hairlines. They can be brushed in any direction to create any style without showing the cap underneath, so you can feel confident with whatever hairstyle you choose!

Wefted Wigs: Giving slightly less natural movement, they are usually cheaper but are comfortable and cool to wear. 

Lace Front Wigs: Another popular choice, lace front wigs give a very realistic illusion of hair growing from your scalp. Because of the more natural look it creates, they can come with a heftier price tag. 


5. Correct Cap Size

Pasted Graphic 2 2Taking accurate measurements of your head will allow you to find the correct cap size with a comfortable fit unique to you. You won’t need to worry about it being too tight and causing a headache, or too loose and falling off. Check your measurements against the manufacturers size guide then your good to go! 


Now that you know these essential tips, you can feel confident that you can pick out the most perfect wigs that’ll get the compliments flowing in!


Buying from a trusted retailer takes away the stress of what can feel like a mind-boggling process! Here at Rituals, we are dedicated to excellence, providing high-quality wigs and giving you the assurance that you are buying style and comfort with confidence. So, with the above top-tips in mind, take a look at our gorgeous collections and find a style that leaves you feeling flawless!