Frizzy Wig ? How to Turn Frizz to Fabulous in 5 easy steps

No matter how long you’ve had your wig, frizz has undoubtedly made an ungracious appearance. What once were sleek, shiny locks have now become dull, fuzzy and a little bit drab – far from how you want or deserve to feel! 

Understanding how frizz shows up is the key to fixing it. One of the most searched for questions is ‘Why is my wig frizzy?’ If you’re wondering the same thing, let’s get clear about the main causes of frizzy tresses: 

If you own a human hair wig, humid conditions can turn it frizzy and fluffy. Depending on where you live, higher humidity levels can frizz up your style just moments after you step outside! (Anyone else picturing Monica from Friends on her Barbados vacation?!)

Washing a wig too often or using styling tools at a high heat and without heat protection creates dryness and this in turn creates static, particularly with synthetic wigs. Additionally, using heat products too often is so drying and damaging. 

Simple daily use causes general wear on the hair strands as you go about your day, especially when wearing the same wig each day. The friction from day-to-day use can more easily lead to tangles. 

Using unfriendly wig products 
Applying products that are not wig-specific causes damage to the delicate strands, a sure-fire way to create frizz. Additionally, because wigs lack the natural oils from the scalp, they are more prone to dryness and tangles. 

So, how do you fix the frizz and feel fabulous all day?

Here are 5 simple and effective ways to tame the frizz and maintain the shine. 

Pasted Graphic 81. Wash With Care

Giving your wig the care and attention it needs when washing will keep the strands looking fresh and smooth. Always use wig-friendly shampoo and conditioner and use cool or tepid water to rinse. Grab a wide tooth wig comb to gently tease out any tangles and smooth out the hair fibres. The keyword here is gentle: washing and styling with care helps to extend your wig’s lifespan by keeping those locks smoothed and strong. 

2. Apply A Leave-In Conditioner

Conditioner is your best friend when it comes to taming the frizz. Both human hair and synthetic wigs can benefit from a leave-in conditioning spray – just make sure you buy a specific synthetic or human-hair spray depending on which type of wig you have. Strands love the moisture and this helps reduce any frizz. Simply spray onto your wig at arm’s length away and gently comb through. Easy, effortless and effective!

3. Use Heat Correctly

Could you be over-styling your wig? When it comes to human hair wigs or a heat-resistant synthetic wigs, the lower the heat, the better. Wig fibres are extremely delicate, so taking a low-heat approach to styling extends its lifespan. However, using a bit of heat can help tame the frizz and stop the strands from sticking out in all directions. Use the lowest setting on your hair straightener, along with wig-friendly heat spray, and carefully smooth down the hair strands in sections. And voilà! 

4. Use Wig Friendly Anti-Frizz Products

Choosing the right products that are specially formulated for your wig is vital. The best products will protect the strands and prevent frizz from occurring in the first place. Wig-specific shampoos, conditioners and sprays that offer specific anti-frizz properties douse those tresses in moisture. They may also contain anti-static properties to prevent fly-aways and fluffiness. Wig hairsprays can then be used to hold in your smoothed style and leave you feeling sleek and ready for the day. 

Pasted Graphic 1 25. Trim Ends For A Frizz Free Look

If you have noticed the ends of your wig are where the most fly-away and split hairs are, consider having a trim. This is last on the list as following steps 1-4 should prevent this from occurring in the first place. But wig care is a learning journey! Yes, it’s tempting to cut the ends yourself – it sounds simple, right?! But if you get it wrong, there’s no going back! It is recommended to take your wig along to a trusted hairdresser who can remove those frizzy ends and return your wig to the polished, sleek look it is meant to have. 

So, there you have it – 5 simple ways to keep your wig looking tip-top, tangle free and terrific! Knowing these easy techniques ensures you always feel fabulous and confident without the worry of pesky fly-aways.  




Extra tips:

Cool water and low heat are ideal temperatures when washing and styling your wig. 
After washing your wig, always gently pat it dry and never rub as this only damages the hair, leading to frizz and breakages. 
Limit how often you wash your wig – over-washing causes breakage, dullness and frizz and means your wig will need replacing much sooner than you’d like!
Wide tooth combed brushes are the best brushes to use on your wig. They are gentle and won’t pull on the strands. 
Try to have a selection of wigs so that you don’t wear the same one every day. Alternating wigs means they last longer as they’re not exposed to daily elements as often.