Easy Ways to Make Your Wig Look More Natural

7 Easy Ways To Make Your Wig Look Natural

Whether you are a wig newbie or a wig connoisseur, there’s always the worry that your wig might look unnatural. Wondering if friends or even strangers can tell that you’re wearing a wig can sometimes cause anxiety. Naturally, you want to feel confident in a wig that looks effortlessly real. If you’re feeling unsure how to create the most natural look with your wig, the key is customisation. By making a few tweaks to your wig, you can modify it perfectly to suit you in the most natural looking way.

Here are 7 tips that will transform your wig into its most natural look.

1. Find The Right Size
To find the perfect size that fits comfortably on your head, take the time to take accurate measurements. Grab a soft measuring tape and measure your head’s circumference, hairline to nape, ear-to-ear going across the forehead, ear-to-ear over the top of your head, temple-to-temple going behind your head and finally the nape of your neck.

Use your measurements against each wig manufacturers size guide. When you wear a perfectly fitting wig, not only will it feel more comfortable, it will sit well and look completely undetectable as a wig!

2. Line It Up
Once you’ve found the perfect fit, next is lining the wig up to perfectly match your own hairline. You don’t want your wig to come too far down your forehead or be too far back. To line up your wig correctly, it takes a bit of shifting around and practice to realise exactly where your hairline begins. Take your time, ask someone for advice if needed and even take some selfies to check. When you’re happy, add your preferred fastenings if needed and you’re ready to rock!

3. Soften The Shine
Although we all strive for shiny, sleek locks, synthetic wigs can sometimes be overly shiny which makes them appear unnatural. Luckily, there’s such a simple fix which will soften the shine: dry shampoo. Just spray the dry shampoo at arm’s length and rub it gently into the wig strands. Start with a small amount and build up as required to suit the level of you shine you desire.

Pasted Graphic4. Perfect The Parting
You may notice that your wig has a high density of hair along the parting hairline. This creates a more unrealistic look as hairlines are naturally sparser than this. The solution? Tweezers! Plucking some strands from the hairline creates a softer, natural parting. Stand in front of a mirror whilst wearing your wig – this allows you to get a clearer idea of how much to pluck. Be careful not to pluck from the lace as this will damage your wig.

Pasted Graphic 15. Add A Fringe
Fancy a fringe? Not only can a fringe save you from the bother of perfecting the hairline, it’s also a fantastic way to mix up your style and try something new. From wispier side fringes to full fringes, these looks hide the hairline, meaning one less thing to think about. Opt for a skilled hairdresser to turn your wig to fringe fabulous!

6. Tailor The Cut
Sometimes, customising the style to suit your individual features ensures the hair falls as naturally as possible. Take your wig to your hairdresser and, whilst wearing it, ask them to make any adjustments to the cut which really flatter your facial features and make your wig really specific to you. Just a few snips and modifications to the style can really make a difference.

7. Choose Multi-Toned Colours
Pasted Graphic 2Bored of wigs that are a single block of colour? Sometimes single tones can appear a bit lifeless and unnatural. Hair usually grows with multiple shades, so opting for a wig with a few colour blends can give a more realistic look. You may want to try a dark brunette with some caramel highlights, or a lively red with some darker toned lowlights. The choice is endless!

These tips can truly create the most authentic wig that you feel confident to wear anywhere. The more realistic your wig looks, the more it will feel like a true extension of your fabulous self!

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