Quick & Easy Day to Night Hairstyles

Have you ever had that last minute panic over what to do with your hair when going from office to swanky bar with no room to spare inbetween?  Or maybe you’ve been out all day and have a quick turnaround before a special evening event? When you don’t have time to change up your hairstyle, you feel rushed and unprepped – not exactly the glammed-up look you were going for! 

Although a complete style change might be a stretch, finding ways to transform your wig from a day to a night style saves you time, pressure and stress. It’s amazing how a few tweaks to your wig can really invigorate its look, leaving you feeling energised for the night ahead! 

We have picked out 4 fabulous wig styles that you can quickly adapt for an effortless day to night re-style. 


1. Ellen Wille : Turn – Changes Collection – Synthetic Wig

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Fan of a shorter style? It’s all about the accessories when it comes to shorter wigs. Whether it’s a decorative hairband, some classy pearl or crystal clips or a statement barrette, accessorising is the quickest way to achieving a chic night-time look. This Ellen Wille synthetic wig offers the perfect tousled day look which is easily enhanced with the addition of your choice of accessory. Build up a collection of accessories that you can whip out at the day and get you party ready – so simple! It’s amazing how effective a few clips can be at adding that extra layer of style and changing the personality of your wig.





2. Ellen Wille : Touch – Changes Collection – Synthetic Wig

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These wonderful, relaxed waves are effortlessly cool, giving a laid-back, beach kind of vibe. As it is a mid-length wig, there are many options to switch up the look. Accessorising using the ideas above also applies to this style – try a simple half-up, half-down look with a clip (or even a scrunchie if you’re into the 90s vibes!) Another great way to take this wig from day to night is twisting it loosely into a messy bun. The tousled waves will give it a natural, easy-going quality, especially when leaving out a few of the front strands. This dreamy look is especially great for the summer when you might prefer to keep the hair away from your neck and stay cool.  





3. Ellen Wille : Obsession – Pure Collection – Human Hair Wig

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Sleek and chic is the name of the game with the Obsession wig by Ellen Wille. These long and flowing tresses give a beautiful smooth look for the day which can easily be adapted for the evening. Go from silky smooth to beautiful braids in minutes for a look that radiates Greek Goddess! Whether it’s a fishtail, waterfall, halo or French braid, there are endless options when you fancy a change. It may take some practice to master but once you do, you’ll have a quick and easy option on your hairstyle toolkit. 

Alternatively, turn the smoothness into waves by wearing this wig in a side plait during the day. When you’re ready to head out for the evening, take out the braid and gently run your fingers through your hair to loosen up the waves and spray with a wig-friendly hairspray for extra hold. As this wig has a monofilament cap, you can change the parting to suit you!



4. Ellen Wille : Naomi – Hair Power Collection – Synthetic Wig

Pasted Graphic 6 1 Pasted Graphic 7 1Our final chosen look is a striking, long length style, full of layers and body. From the Hair Power collection, it really does live up to its name and is sure to impress, day or night. It comes in a range of colours (check out the ‘Bright Cherry Red’ or ‘Ice Blonde’) and has a beautiful side swept fringe. 

This style is so glamourous simply on its own, but a few tweaks can switch it up and enhance its boldness. Try adding a simple bow hair scarf to give it a slight retro feel. There are so many designs out there to choose from – polka dot, floral and stripes to name a few – so you can never tire of options. You can also try a cute hair bow for tying into a half-up style to create an extra feminine touch. Think velvet or satin for added luxury! The added bonus of these materials means they are less likely to snag and damage the delicate strands.  

As you can see, turning a wig style from day to night can be simple, quick and stress-free. All it takes is a simple accessory, a change in parting or a bunched-up braid to truly transform and refresh your look without having to change wigs. Practise the looks at home so you feel confident to do them when you’re out.