How to Get Healthy Hair

Diet Tips for Healthy Hair from Rituals Hair Salon, Lincolnshire

sunflower seeds

Do you want a shinier, stronger, thicker mane? Pack your diet with nutritious healthy foods and transform your hair into shiny, naturally flowing locks.

Healthy hair starts with the foods we eat and the nutrients they contain, you need to look at what you are putting on your plate. We can show you how to improve the appearance of your hair, by eating a variety of healthy foods to improve the condition of your hair and the appearance of your skin. Fill up on these nutrients to begin growing your healthiest hair ever…

Eat Your Way to Healthy Hair

When we follow a healthy, balanced eating plan, we get hair that is lustrous shiny and resilient, you are what you eat …and so is your hair!

Whether you enjoy them sunny side up for breakfast or boiled and sliced cold over a green salad, eggs are serious healthy-hair helpers!


Add lots of green leafy vegetables and sweet juicy fruits into your diet to keep your hair healthy. Iron and zinc help hair follicles to grow and protein boosts your hair strength and eating dairy products such as milk and fresh yogurt will also help.

Certain spices such as cumin, turmeric and black pepper not only add flavour to your food but they also provide nourishment for your hair. By eating a variety of healthy foods will give you the mane you’ve always dreamed of, keeping your hair in a healthy condition. Fill up your plate with healthy foods for gorgeous healthy locks!

Your Shopping List of Food For Healthy Hair…

Add these items to your trolley during your next shop and watch the condition of your hair improve – as well as your general well-being!

Protein: Meat, fish, poultry, milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt & sunflower seeds.

Vitamin A: Butter, eggs, milk, carrots, tomatoes, oily fish, dark green leafy vegetables & apricots. (Vitamin A not only promotes a healthy scalp, but promotes hair growth).

Vitamin B: Milk, eggs, wholegrain cereals, bread, wheat germs, nuts, soy beans, poultry, fish & meat.

Vitamin D: Sunlight, fish liver oils, oily fish, milk & eggs.

Vitamin C: Blackcurrant, green peppers, citrus fruits, bananas, avocados, artichokes & leafy green vegetables. (Vitamin C is an antioxidant that strengthens the hair shaft and hair follicles, as well as prevents breakage).

Vitamin E: Wheat germ, peanuts, vegetable oils, pulses & green leafy vegetables.

Iron: Spinach, cockles, liver, kidneys, pulses, lentils, beans, peas & dried fruit.

Calcium: Cheese, nuts, eggs, milk, yogurt, sardines & root vegetables.

Iodine: Seafood, dried kelp & iodized salt.

Sulphur: Eggs, meat, cheese & other dairy products.



Sleek & Straight Hair Trends

Stylish, Sleek Hair Styles at Rituals Hair Spa

Straight hair that is in great condition looks sensational so check out these stylish, sleek hairstyle ideas from Rituals Hair Spa and give us a call on 01724 764418 for a trim, to freshen up your current look or for a complete makeover.  We are experts when it comes to your hair, so book in now for a consultation and we can help find the perfect hair cut or colour for you.

Straight & Simple Hairstyles

Summer usually brings up images of beach waves and wind-swept curls, but that doesn’t mean that girls with straight hair can’t have some fun. Invest some time and effort into keeping your locks healthy and frizz free.  Hair with split ends will ruin the look of a straight hairstyle, so it’s important to book regular trims with your stylist at Rituals Hair Salon.

Slicked Back Hair

Slicked back hair is the perfect style for hot summer days or a cool evening out. It’s glamorous and easy – simply brush your hair until it’s smooth, add some heat protection to your locks before using your hair straighteners for straight, smooth hair.  Then add some gel through your straightened hair with a comb to give it a ‘wet look’.

Sleek Ponytails

Simple sleek ponytails are bang on-trend this season.  Worn at the nape of your neck or simply to one side, this is a great summer hairstyle that will keep you looking and feeling cool.cooler, the perfect style for going out or for the office.

Hair Conditioning Treatments at Rituals Hair Spa

As a leading Aveda hair salon, Rituals Hair Spa offers the very best Aveda Botanical Therapy Treatments designed to bring out the beauty of your hair.

Breakthrough plant micro technology penetrates your hair strands for intense moisture or repair, with customised treatments to meet your personal needs, restoring balance to the eco-system of your hair and scalp.

Your hair will look and feel healthier, shinier and softer with these treatments which will bring out the beauty of your hair.  Find out more about our hair treatments here.




What Your Hairstyle Says About You!

Are You Blonde?  Brunette?  Redhead?  What Does Your Hair Colour & Style Say About You?

Hair Trends, hair salons in Gainsborough, Scunthorpe, Lincoln, Doncaster

Does it matter how you wear your hair?  Do others make snap judgements about your personality based on whether you’re a redhead, blonde or brunette?  What does your hairstyle say about you?

Research shows that people still associate different hair colours  and hair styles with personality ‘types’.  Blondes are traditionally seen as flirty, redheads are feisty and fiery, while brunettes are serious and mysterious!

According to a study by sociologist Dr Rose Weitz, you can even be judged by your hairstyle.  Straight hair is worn by women who are viewed as serious, professional and straightforward and those with curls are believed to be carefree and approachable!  If you have short hair, expect to be seen as out-going, brave, independent and self-assured, while the perception for longer haired lasses is that they are sexy and fun.

Change Your Hairstyle Or Colour at Rituals Hair Salon

The good news is that things are changing!  Huge improvements in hair styling tools, hair treatments, hair colour techniques, hair extensions and hair care and styling products mean we can change our hairstyle or colour more frequently without damage.

Today, men and women are more versatile when it comes to their hair.  We’ll wear curls one day, straighten our hair the next, add plaits or an upstyle and update the colour every few weeks or months.

So we say forget about these ridiculous stereotypes and confuse the masses by changing your hair style every day of the week!

Hair Trends in Gainsborough, Doncaster, Lincoln, Scunthorpe

Another reason we are happier to change our hairstyles and colour is down to social media and the internet.  We can see celebrity hairstyles and fashions instantly which means we can follow new trends with surprising speed. Or why not just check out the Rituals Hair Spa Trends section?

In the past we may have all copied Kylie Minogue’s curly perm or Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel cut’ but today it’s all about showing your individuality and having fun with your hairstyle.  Change it up and surprise your friends and colleagues with a new look.

If you’re looking to change your hair colour, there are now some fantastic hair repair and protection treatments which can be added to the hair colouring process.

You can change your hair from short to long by having your hair transformed with long-lasting hair extensions like the fantastic Great Lengths and Beauty Works hair extensions at Rituals Hair Spa.

When it comes to straightening your hair, hair straighteners can both straighten and curl your hair.  Indeed, well-known brands such as ghd, feature patented technology that maintain a safer-for-hair heat from root to tip, reducing hair breakage and increasing shine.

If you’re ready for a change with your hair cut, style or colour, or you simply want to update your current style, give our salon a call on 01724 764418.